Diablo Dam, near Newhalem WADiablo Canyon looking downstream from top of damRelief Valves, butterfly foreground, needle valve centerRoss power house from top of unit 43 looking westUnit 41 turbine pit of the Ross power houseRoss power house Inspection of Interior of Scroll case to turbineInspection of butterfly valve as seen from inside of turbine scroll casePotomac river dam number 4 powerhouse from north bankEast elevation dam number 4 powerhouse, Martinsburg WVDam number 4 powerhouse and dam from West Virginia sideLeffel turbines and wicket gates to Dam 4Generator unit number 1 and sheave wheel Dam 4Lake Lynn Powerhouse and Dam on the Cheat river near Morgantown WVNW face of Lake Lynn DamInterior scroll pit looking up to watergate of Lake Lynn DamBottom of scroll pit showing wicket gates of turbineUnit #4 Westinghouse generator, Lake Lynn Power HouseDetail of exciter to unit #4 generator, Lake Lynn Power HouseDetail view of interior unit #4 generator windingsUpper gorge powerplant from Lee Vining intake, part of Los Angeles AqueductOriginal filtration gallery, Weymouth Filtration Plant, part of Los Angeles water supply systemJunction Structure. water level 1190ft, inner ring mixer, - F. E. Weymouth Filtration PlantSnoqualmie falls from pool below falls, Snoqualmie hydroelectric projectGenerator #1 and Pelton wheels in cavity of Snoqualmie falls hydro plantPelton wheels as seen from unit #4generator #4, Snoqualmie falls hydroelectric projectView of control room in cavity plant of Snoqualmie fallsElectrical control panels in cavity plant of Snoqualmie fallsSnoqualmie Falls power house #2 downstream from the fallsElwah dam and powerhouse, detail of penstock entering surge tank on the southside 69-KV transmission towers with lightening arrestors seen on hillside to the NorthFrontal view of slate switchboard in the control room of Elwha powerhouse. Glines powerhouse and tailrace from the air, Elwha riverUpper dam, Elwha and Glines hydroelectric systemTainter gates and spillway to Elwha damGlines power house and tailrace looking westMain floor Glines powerhouseGE slate switchboard in Glines powerhouseLeffel turbine, Fisher Fallgater Mill Waupaca WisconsinGenerator floor Haiwee powerplant, Los Angeles AqueductChicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, lockhouse and power house looking westGenerator floor Lockport powerhouse looking westCrocker Wheeler generators, Lockport power house of the Chicago Sanitary and ship canalLockport power house detail of control valves between turbine and generatorControl room panel to Lockport powerhouse Chicago Ship and Sanitary CanalDetail of wood insulator switches to the Lockport powerhouseSouth lock gates of Lockport locks of the Chicago Ship and Sanitary CanalTinemeha dam of Los Angeles aqueduct, view looking SE